Thursday, December 1, 2011

NAKED 2 Urban Decay Palette

Huge news! Urban Decay released a second edition of their legendary NAKED palette...featuring more matte shades..AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE...


  1. Hi darling, great post! Where can I buy Urban Decay in Brussels? I also live in this beautiful city and I never saw their shop... :)


    Linda from

  2. Hello Linda,
    unfortunately, Urban Decay does have not a store in Belgium, you have to go to Sephora for that, either in Holland or France. I got my original Naked palette on board of an Ryanair flight, which was a total shock, as I desperately tried to buy it last year in New York, when it was sold out everywhere. I would also recommend checking the website, however, also feel free to look at alternatives, my favourite sites are or, NYX has great Naked palette dupes, hope this helps,