Saturday, July 23, 2011

Products I regret buying II

Nine products in total that failed to persuade me of their quality, though I might be actually having second thoughts about one of them.
L'Oreal renewal lash serum - a complete waste of time and money, it did absolutely nothing for my lashes and it was not cheap either
2b aqua confort eyeliner - its handle makes the application really difficult, at least for me and the product does not last on the eyes
2true lipgloss - so sticky that it will put you off from wearing it
Essence sun club bronzer - incredibly shimmery, high on RED pigmentation, a no-no for face makeup
HEMA eyeshadow brush - imprecise in its application
HEMA lipstick - crumbles and feels horrible on my lips, dehydrating them
2b lipstick - even worse than HEMA, cheap and awful
Gosh cover me up makeup mousse - no coverage, really yellow in colour and it smears off your face like crazy, money down the drain, it cost 20 EUR
NYX eyeshadow base - this is my bad, I thought I could use it as a primer (it creases within a couple of hours on my oily eyelids), I only did my research recently, I am going to give it another try, this time with a primer underneath to see how it affects my eyeshadows

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Products I regret buying

Today's post will feature products that Jana regrets buying, products that did not live up to their promises, products that failed to do their jobs. The reasons can vary why people regret buying things, so read on.
Essence shimmer powder - a weak pay-off
No 7 Colour calming makeup base - leaves your face GREEN and is difficult to blend
Rival de loop lipstick - almost no colour pay-off and dries the lips
The Body Shop lipstick - nothing wrong with the texture or pigmentation, just the colour is not suitable for Jana
p2 Golden eyepecil - you actually stand a good change of hurting yourself with this pencil, the colour just does not transfer onto the eyelid no matter how hard you try
Maybelline Fit me bronzer - absolutely zero pigmentation, it is virtually impossible to apply

Monday, July 18, 2011

E88 palette by Boozyshop

This palette cost 18,95 EUR, it contains 88 eyeshadows and you can order it at (kindly provided for blogging purposes by Jana).:-)

Though the pigmentation is supposed to be high in each colour, it is not the case. The crosses mean a fail, the bullets are thumbs up!
The palette was carefully protected in a box.

A nice mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.
72:15 - the pigmentation score
The weakest link seems to be the brown corner.
On the other hand, the shimmery pigments have gorgeous pay-off.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

p2 last forever nail polish + p2 crack ling top coat

060 cloud no. 9 - sorry for the running bit!, 2 coats
And with 010 black explosion top coat
Cloud no 9 may (borrowed from Daniela) not be your "to go to" nail polish, but I thought it would look nice as a base under black top coat and I am quite happy with the result. However, when applying the base, you should make sure your nail surface is super smooth as that will help the polish look more even.

p2 Define your lip line! lip liner

This jumbo pencil is supposed to be an invisible lip liner that you apply before the lipstick in order to smoothen the surface the lips and to prevent "running" of the lipstick outside lip borders. I bought it on a whim (Germany, Aachen) and I forget to use it all the time. It has nice, thick waxy texture (bee wax and cocoa butter) and it simplifies lipstick application. You will need a huge pencil sharpener for this product and the only one that did the job was by p2. I do not remember the prices, but you can rest assured they were both very cheap. Would I repurchase? No, probably not, it is not a must have :-).