Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sigma synthetic kabuki kit

A most fantastic St. Valentine day EVER and some very quick pics:-) My dream brushes came through the post yesterday and I picked they up today and we are in love ever since :-) The kit contains 4 long-handle kabuki brushes, for high definition makeup application - flat kabuki F80, round kabuki F82, angled kabuki F84 and tapered kabuki F86. I knew they were fantastic based on raving review all over YouTube, but I was a bit hesitant to order them via the Sigma site, as the shipment is expensive and it takes a long time.
Luckily, http://www.beautybyelke.be/ sells these super soft and unbelievably dense brushes and I made the decision one day to finally get them. They cost 65 EUR + shipment cca 5 EUR. I also got a free blending brush (not pictured). Excellent service by Elke, who replied quickly to my e-mails, I absolutely recommed ordering via this site (my eyes are on Sleek makeup, Z-palette, false lashes and WetnWild....)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Adele Grammy 2012 makeup

I love Adele and both of her albums, 19 and 21 and oh my did she look amazing on Grammy Awards...simple, put-together, sophisticatedd...marvellous! And here is the video which to me captures the makeup the best.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Makeup Inspirations

Hollister in Wijnegem shopping centre

A non-makeup contribution today and not an easy one at that. I have been to several Hollister or Abercrombie shops in New York, London but never was I greeted with a queue, which I put down to the marketing stunt in the first week of opening at Wijnegem shopping center. They do continue with this silly practice still now. Ok, so you queue (30 minutes yesterday) to get in, Ok, so it is dark inside of the shop and the music is blaring (got used to that in those shops). Next you find yourself queueing for 25 min to get inside of one of the THREE fitting rooms that they have for women. Ok, I do like their stuff, I was not in a hurry, so I waited, no problem. I was allowed to take 5 items inside (which the shop asistant casually THREW on a hook like it was toxic waste), fair enough, so I gave the extra T-shirt to one of the 5 yawning pretty boys to put that on hold until I try the rest of my things. 5 min later I asked for the t-shirt, only to be told that it had been already taken back to the rack (did they want to make sure that I do not buy anything?). So, I went and got my t-shirt, tried it on, did not like it and that was it. Lesson learned, I will not go to that shop again, I will rather order online (or better, go to the Koeln branch), one hour that I dedicated to this shop is more than enough :-) What is your experience with Hollister?