Saturday, July 9, 2011

Minigloss matchbox

These are by far the cutest lipglosses I have ever seen, brand casuelle. They are about 5 cm tall and smell really fruity, and they were a complete bargain, at 1 EUR sales price, Kruidvat.

Catrice Papagena blush stick in C01 Tigerlily

It was very exciting to see the new Papagena collection at my local Kruidvat, so I immediately checked it out. Originally, I was eyeing the gold nuggets, but in reality, they are EXTREMELY shimmery, sparkly and quite dark to be honest, which I would never be able to pull off on my skin, such a shame.

I stopped myself from buying the eyeshadows, even though they looked really pretty and swatched well in the shop. It was the same for nail polishes and see-through lipstick/glosses. However, what I did get and definitely HAD to buy was a blush stick (I think it was 3,45 EUR), I did not own a blush stick before. You have a choice of orange tinge Tigerlily or pinky Bird of paradise (this had really poor pay off). Hence I bought Tigerlily.

When you swatch it, it had a nice, not too strong pigmentation, which can be an advantage in a blush, if you tend to overdo it. Unfortunaly, the application on the cheeks is pretty sheer and it gives a rather blotchy, uneven colour distribution and it is hard to build up the colour. Luckily, there is no strange smell to the product. It is so disappointing, because this collection looked so promising. Overall, I would not recommend buying neither of the blush sticks.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kruidvat minihaul

Just a couple of things I got at a recent visit to Kruidvat - a set of individual eyelashes (45 lashes in 2 sizes, 6 EUR), blush stick Papagena Limited Edition in CO01 tigerlily, I think it was 3,99EUR, Catrice volume mascara, 3,99 EUR and a nail polish in 130 Lucky in Lilac, 2,49 EUR. If you buy 3 Catrice products at Kruidvat, you get a 25 % discount, so I basically got the nail polish for free :-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catrice 130 Lucky In Lilac nail polish

Being a huge fan of Catrice nail polishes, here is the 130 Lucky in Lilac, 2 coats (Kruidvat, 2,49 EUR).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sucker Punch - Babydoll makeup

Who did not love the makeup that Babydoll (Emily Browning) is wearing in Sucker Punch...I browsed through a couple of tutorials and here is my winner for the best imitation (SarahVictor):

Kruidvat deal of the week

It is a beautiful sunny morning and it was well worth checking Kruidvat's newsletter. So, praise the sales!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crackle polishes' battle

This a perfect opportunity to compare all of mine and borrowed crackling top coats. I used Essence I love Berlin in 02 I'm a Berliner as a base for all of them.
p2 030 golden rush, p2 020 silver blast, p2 010 black explosion, Essence 02 crack me! white, Essence 01 crack me! black, claire's crackle polish
Thumb: Essence crack me! black, index: Essence crack me! white, middle: p2 black explosion, ring: p2 silver blast, little finger: p2 golden rush
claire's crackle polish

Essence nail art cracking top coat 02 crack me! white review

Well, I did not really like this nail polish the first time round, I can not say I like it any better now, I applied a nice thick layer on, but no real cracking happened...