Friday, September 23, 2011

Manhattan powder rouge in Elegant violet 39N

This was love at first sight - a beautiful, slighly shimmery deep purple colour, reminds me of red wine. It has a pleasant velvety texture and good coverage. The blush comes with a brush, but that one is completely useless. No information available as to the weight of the product, it costs around 3 EUR.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner

"Base for an instantly refined, smooth and soft skin appearance. Makes pores and lines invisible."

So much for the promises. It will not make any lines or wrinkles disappear, but it will smoothen out your skin, giving it an incredibly pampered feeling. It costs 4,99 EUR for 14 g, at Kruidvat. I think they were aiming for a battle with L'Oreal's smoothing resurfacing primer (cca 16 EUR for 15 mil).

The product has a light pink colour and the skin soaks it up quickly without a trace - actually much faster than the L'Oreal primer, making it a perfect canvas for the makeup application. It will not stop the shine coming through, though, but I still it is a nice and effective primer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michelle Phan - Picture day tips

All the useful tips in one fun video, enjoy!

Rimmel PRO in 323 RIVIERA RED

If you are looking for a nail polish with maximum wear, why don't you try Rimmel PRO collection. I applied it before I went on holiday to sunny Mallorca and it lasted for the entire trip and it survived the sea, sand and the sun and honestly, you can't ask for more from a nail polish :-). And a tip, buy them in Germany, if possible, there they cost 3,50 EUR, here they are 6,99 EUR (Kruidvat).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Essence ballerina backstage eye souffés - a closer look

I scored a hat-trick with eye souffés and my collection is now complete: 01 dance the swan lake (amazing white matte base), 02 pas des copper (beautiful shimmery warm brown) and 03 grand plié in black (lovely black matte base).

Essence colour & go nail polish in 64 be optimistic!

The autumn/winter fashion has brought us a lot of retro style and hence the rusty orange shimmer nail polish to go with your wardrobe :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

P2 pearl crack ling top coats - a closer look

P2 crackle polishes are a no-brainer, they are cheap and they work, end of story. Hurrah for p2! :-)

P2 pearl crack ling top coats

P2 has enriched their crackle nail polish collection by three beautiful colours: 010 violet fusion (violet-golden shimmer), 020 blue thunder (blue-silver shimmer) and 030 red volcano (reddish-rusty shimmer) in addition to 010 black explosion, 020 silver blast, 030 golden rush. They are all 1,75 EUR and only availble in Germany, DM.

Essence colour & go nail polish in 78 blue addicted

Essence is blowing my mind every time with their nail polish collection and here is the recent addition, no 78 blue addicted. It has both shimmer and glitter and it is just so dreamy, like the starry night...romantic, hey :-). DM, 1,25 EUR, 5 ml. I applied at first two coats, but it only shows up nicely with at least 3.
78 blue addicted

Two coats and the flash shows how see-through the polish is.
Third coat on.