Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eylure lash glue and lashes

Addiction alert! Eylure lash glue (black, 6 ml, 6 EUR) is great, dries in seconds after you put it on and it is very reliable, I can only recommend it! And I got more lashes (a super tiny bottle of glue included)..:-))) Di and Kruidvat, at the latter one, they were on sale - well spotted, Zuzka! - for 3,50 I had to buy them immediately :-) You can also buy Eylure eyelashes at Claire's at Porte de Namur. They are usually anything around 8 EUR per pair. There is one thing I am not too keen on - I understand it is for my own good that everything is wrapped in extra layers of protective duck tape, but it is REALLY hard to peel off...I wish someone would devise something better in this regard!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eylure eyelashes

I fell in love with false eyelashes as soon as I discovered that all you need is one pair that fits your eye perfectly (think real hair) and a super glue...both of which I found with Eylure...absolutely recommend this, I have been doing my homework and it seems that Eylure lash glue is one of the great ones . Everything is available at Di, the eyelashes cost cca 8 EUR per pair and the special applicator was 5 EUR.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revlon ColourBurst lipstick in 025 Carnation

Revlon ColourBurst lipstics are simply amazing, creamy and moisturizing. I decided to be a bit adventurous and went for a light fuchia shade, called Carnation. I ADORE it, I would wear it every day only it is quite a specific colour...

Garnier BB cream - now at Di

BB creams - blemish balms - are the latest craze in skin care, apparently originally created for post-surgery patients, they are widely popular in Asia. I got a sample at Di yesterday, so I decided to try it out. It is a sheer tinted moisturizer, with a light texture, nice smell and really sheer coverage, which you can use under your foundation. They call it a Miracle Skin Perfector (well done, marketing guys :-0). It contains vitamin C + mineral pigments, it is priced at 15 EUR for 50 ml.

It promises:
  • quick-break micro-sphere polymers that break instantly upon contact with the skin, releasing an intense burst of moisture for a refreshing, lightweight texture
  • an intensely hydrating formula that combines lipidure, hyaluronic acid and glycerin for 24 hour moisturisation.
  • SPF15 to protect against the harmful effects of the sun and premature skin aging, antioxidant vitamin C and stimulating caffeine
  • a light, non-greasy formula containing mineral pigments. It helps to even skin tone and create a natural, naked finish that blurs imperfections and smoothes the appearance of fine lines
And a review: