Friday, May 6, 2011

Catrice - PREVIEW PAPAGENA limited edition

Ladies, from May to July, we will be enjoying yet another fantastic limited edition by Catrice, this time inspired by Papagena of the Magic flute (Amazon jungle, here we come)!

You can look forward to: eyecolur quattro, eyeliner pen, feather lashes, blush stick, gold nuggests, crystal clear gloss stick, nail laquer.

Choosing a favourite is dizzingly impossible, I would love to try them ALL:

Blush stick

Crystal clear gloss stick - your lip tint for the summer

Gold nuggets for face and body - MUST HAVE

Catrice - Wonderland limited edition

Spring is such a wonderful, blooming, inspiriation-full time of the year! Catrice is definitely not going to stay behind any trend, and launched a limited edition, Wonderland, containing: eye colour duo, eyeshadow highligher (it give any eyeshadow platinum shimmer), eyeshadow brush, a metallic liner, false lashes with gems, sparkling lipgloss, highlighting poweder, nail laquer, tip painter.

This collection is available from March to May. My particular favourites are eyeshadow highligher and highlighting poweder :-).
C 10 Fairy dust - eyeshadow highlighter
C 10 Fairy dust - highlighting powder

Thursday, May 5, 2011

P2 - prepare your lips! base

Yet another product that L'Oreal could learn from :-) This primer neutralizes the natural colour of your lips, allowing the lipstick to show its true shade.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishlist - P2 perfect face! make up base

This keeps on getting better! The more I check P2 website, the more in love I am :-) This light makeup base claims to be oil, paraben, parfum and PEGs free. The rosé one has a shimmery finish, which is perfect for brightening dull skin. The green anti-red base is equally promising...All that remains now is to go to Germany and buy it:-)

010 - illuminate me!

020 - correct me!

P2 new products preview - INTO LACE limited edition

There is something about P2 cosmetics :-), they are trendy and budget friendly - it rhymes :-). How did they know that lace would be such a hit...think Dutchess of Cambridge!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Urban Decay - Naked Palette YouTube tutorial

I've been watching Julieg713 for months, and I really admire her skills! Enjoy this tutorial, so pretty (having big beautiful eyes is certainly an asset)...and Julie is eloquent and classy...thumbs up! This video was published almost a year ago, but it has an equal charm this season too.

My favourite beauty and style magazines

This is a question of personal preference, but I find German InStyle magazine a great source of styling and beauty ideas - together with Joy magazine, they are the core of my beauty reading world.
Fashion aside (absolutely adore their foto-shooting presenting the craze), German InStyle always features an enjoyable and easily readable explanation about the latest trends and inventions in the cosmetics industry. I find their articles about whatever procedure or innovation really funny - like the latest one on Intimrasur :}.
I discovered recently the InStyle Beauty edition - pure heaven, high concentration of beauty stuff - think everything from pedicure to plastic surgery :).

What I like the most of Joy is their makeup section, with an almost step by step tutorial how to achieve a certain look. I always tear them out and store them for those long winter evenings...

L'Oreal solar expertise

A sun allergy is not the best thing under the Sun (ha, ha, ha) but there are ways of dealing with it - dodging it, hiding from it and even bravely facing it - but only armed with a suitable protection.
Come spring time, I apply L'Oreal Solar Expertise anti-rides and anti-taches solaire creme (always sounds posher in French!, anti-wrinkle and brown spot cream for us, non-posh lot) as a base under my foundation. The sky used to be the limit for SPF, until someone realized it was ridiculous and nowadays you can only go up to 50+ .  I am not going to lie, it is going to make your skin shiny and that might not be your cup of tea. However, it is a reliable protection and you can use it equally for your hands and chest (you should appreciate it when YOU are 50). It cost 15 EUR at Di.

The description by L'Oreal:


Advance protection conforms to the new European recommendations to prevent premature skin ageing caused by sun exposure: lines, brown spots, drying…


Very High.


Active Anti-Wrinkle and Age Spot Sun Cream enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and + Melanin-Control helps make lines appear reduced and prevents an increase in the appearance of age spots.
(, 2. 5. 2011)