Sunday, February 17, 2013

NAKED palette after two years

In two years, I hit the pan on the following shades: virgin, naked, sidecar, half baked, smog, dark horse, hustle, gunmental. 8 out of 11, not too bad ;-) I am currently really into getting NAKED 2, Ryanair, here I come ;-)

Nail crisis

My nails are unfailingly lettting me know that they are not happy, so, I decided to try to beef them up both on the inside and  the outside. Here is the current status and the attempted combat plan:

Paul & Joe Beaute in Brussels

Casually strolling through the streets of Brussels, I came across Paul & Joe cosmetics, available in marianne gray, Rue de Chapelliers. Their cute retro design and an excellent word of mouth makes me very curious...