Saturday, September 17, 2011

Düsseldorf makeup haul

P2 Perfect face! makeup fixing spray (DM Drogerie markt, 3,95 EUR), Essence waterproof makeup remover (Rossmann, 1,75 EUR), Manhattan cover stick (Rossmann, 2,55 EUR), Manhattan wakeup concealer (Rossmann, 3,95 EUR), Mahattan powder rouge blush (Rossmann, 3,75 EUR), p2 lip liner (DM, 1,75 EUR), p2 5D star mascara (DM 2,95 EUR), Catrice Our best volumizing mascara (Galeria Kaufhof, 3,99 EUR), Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner (Galeria Kaufhof, 4,99 EUR), 3x p2 crack ling top coat (DM, 1,75 EUR each), Essence colour and go nail polish (DM, 1,25 EUR).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Essence ballerina backstage eye sufflé

Bought these in Wijnegem shopping center, Kruidvat, they were already putting it on sale (2,79 EUR each), as this edition is over...has it ever reached Brussels...These eye sufflés serve as either eyeshadows on their own or you can use to as a base. Especially the white one seems to have a huge following, I only tried it once so far, over a Hema eyeshadow base and it was indeed working wonders with the colour of the eyeshadow. If you see them, grab them!

Catrice Ultimate NailLaquer in 550 Marilyn & Me

Even though this colour is named after the iconic Marilyn, it was another beloved girl that I thought of when I saw it - Dorothy in Wizzard of Oz and her sparkly red shoes...absolutely fascinating shade...enter the fairyland :-P

p2 Define your lip line! lipliner + pencil sharpener

To be perfectly honest, this was a spur of the moment purchase and I have not got round testing it thoroughly, hopefully now, in the autumn, when I tend to wear lipsticks rather than lipglosses...

This pencil is supposed to outline and prime your lips before you put the lipstick on.

ROC Retinol vitamines A+C+E trile action

Retinol is pure and active Vitamine A that helps stimulate cell renewal. The cream is further enriched with Vitamines C (to even out the skin's tone) and E (to soften and improve the texture of the skin). I bought in in Holland, in a drugstore, for 25,50 EUR, 30 ml.

This product promises to achieve visibly reduced wrinkles, even tone and improved skin texture within 12 weeks. As this is my first Retinol serum, I am very curious about it, I shall keep you posted :-).