Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Balm - Meet Matt(e) Nude!

Guilty pleasure - creamy consistency, amazing payoff, lovely colours, who could say no to Matt Nude? ;-) Di, 35 Euro.

La Roche Posay goodies from IU

Effaclar puryfying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin - simly amazing, leaves your skin clean, completely removes make up (125 ml). As a gift, I got Effaclar Duo, corresctive and unclogging antiimperfection care (40 ml), powerful, so you need to be careful not to overuse it, as my skin got dry after using it. Absolutely adore Physiological micellar sollution (400 ml), it removes last traces of makeup beautifully, gently and effortlessly, I will be definitely buying more of this! And last, Physiological eye makeup remover, I have not tried it yet, but hopes are high :-)