Saturday, March 10, 2012

L'Oreal resist & shine titanium polish

If you are looking for soft colour and long-lasting effect, here is one tip :-)

Mini haul

Still dating back to my Aachen trip, I got the MaxFactor eyebrow pencil, in hazel, my all time favourite, and two things of the current limited edition by Catrice Nymphelia - lipgloss in Nymph's glow and Lashes to Kill Mascara Black-Green Eye-Opening Effect Mascara - because I love the black one so much :-).

The lipgloss is the only disappointing bit, it has an uneven consistency and I actually really dislike the colour...I would not recommend buying it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

John Frieda Go Blonder haul

Having decided to care more about my hair, too, I bought everything possible for blond hair by John Frieda :-). Good news is, that Aachen they all cost 6,50 EUR instead of the typically 9,50 EUR price tag in Belgium...
Sheer Blonde boost mousse (with heat protection, violet colour refreshes the blond colour), Sheer Blonde blond vitalizer, shampoo+conditioner, Sheer Blonde colour renew - violet shampoo for colour correction of yellow undertones, with UV filter, without peroxid and amoniak, Sheer Blonde highlight activating intensive cure.