Saturday, June 4, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Coral Reef

Now, this lipgloss was apparently released already last year for the summer period, hence the lovely coral colour. The minute I saw it, I fell in love with it and had to buy it, it just looked so pretty! :-) I swatched it already at Galeria INNO and it was by far the most pigmented variation. It cost 9,95 EUR. 5,9 ml, SPF 15.

Apart from wonderful pigmentation, the gloss is not sticky and it feels pleasant on the lips. The applicator is a standard, slightly angled, sponge-tip.

Neutrogena Visibly clear SOS cleansing cure

This products promises a visibly clearer skin just in 7 days, presumably removing your blackheads in three different ways: as a cleaning gel, as peeling or as a mask.

as a washing gel, it cleanses the pores without drying the skin and prevents blackheads
as peeling, it removes excess skin cells, prevents pore clogging and helps to eliminate existing blackheads
acts as a mask deep into the skin to remove impurities and mattify the skin
Now that I have read (see previous post on Paula Begoun) so much about how blackheads are created and that it is virtually impossible to get rid of them thoroughly, I at least do not have unrealistic expectations as to what this can do for my skin.
It contains salicylic acid, so I am doing some exfoliation here :-). Texture is grainy and rather harsh to the skin, so unless you have a thick oily complexion, don't even consider it. I am, however, happy how it removes my makeup (and Revlon's ColourStay is famously difficult to take off...).

I bought this in Aachen a while ago, I think it was 6 EUR.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Original Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

Arming yourself with information is essential when buying any cosmetics product. This is even more important if you are (and who isn't) easily susceptible to ever-present advertizing (if I hear Youth Code just one more time...). It is of no surprise that any product is only as good as its ingredients, yet how many of us meticulously research all the impossibly sounding chemicals in whatever we apply to our skin?
If you want to understand how cosmetics products work, you could try reading The Original Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun (thank you, Jana, for pointing out this excellent book to me!). This lady is generally referred to as The Cosmetics Cop and the best-selling author of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without me.
What I love about this book is straight to the point debunking of many cosmetics myths (is it really that shocking to find out what you suspected, like that you REALLY don't need an eyecream, there is NO effective anti-wrinkle or anti-cellulite cream, the expensive cosmetics ISN'T necessarily better, dry skin does not cause wrinkles and many more...). Begoun arguments are well-supported by a number of research studies exposing the most effective ingredients. Yes, the book has 460 pages, relatively small print and it is all text, but it is filled with practical information on how to realistically fight wrinkles, acne, blackheads, cellulite and many more.

Paula Begoun also gives you advice online on her own product like, Paula's choice or other product lines on Beautypedia.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boozyshop NYX -10 % deal

Good news, from today until Thursday 2. 6. you can order all NYX products with a 10 % discount at Boozyshop :-), happy shopping!

Barry M Touch of magic lip paint

Can you be product-curious? I would love to test this product to see how it works for me, because, ladies, this lipstick will turn redder or paler depending on the alcali level of your lips (it will not be green). Science, magic! :-) It costs 4,49 GBP and it is available (apart from eBay) in the UK.
And a YouTube review:

Wishlist - Sigma Beauty's NEW Cleansing and Polishing Tool

Is this a Clarisonic Mia wannabe? Either way, I am interested :-). For 39 does sound a bit "inexpensive", but hey, also Sigma brushes are not top priced yet of really good quality!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh lipgloss 600 Aqua curacao

L'Oreal lauched a fantastic new range of lipglosses enriched with vitamins C and E, there are 7 available shades. Yummy names indicate their colouring: aqau watermelon, aqua pomegranate, aqua grapefruits, aqua curacao, aqua lychee, aqua madarin, aqua lemon tonic. I inevitably chose the blue one, as I was not impressed with 2true fresh breath lip gloss. I would have picked up more shades, had they not cost a hefty 10,99 EUR (6ml) at Kruidvat...

The lipgloss has a standard, pleasant smell, typical of L'Oreal lipglosses (plus now a well-established and instantly recognizable heart-shaped applicator), and it is not sticky at all (due to a gel-like consistency). Your lips become a shade cooler, due to the blue tone of the lipgloss, but it is not a dramatic effect, so do not worry (it has almost a transparant, sheer finish). I so want to try all the unusual shades, such as yellow and orange...I say yes to them all :-)