Saturday, May 28, 2011

Makeup miracle

Watch just how much makeup can change your look, one of the most unbelievable transformations :-), I am amazed! Well done, Tamang Phan.

Rimmel long-lasting lipstick 070 airy fairy

Having watched hundreads of YouTube makeup videos, I kept on hearing about a certain perfect shade of neutral pink that is suitable for everyone. I managed to buy it in January in New York, I think it was Walgreen's for cca 5 USD (4 gr). It is however also available around Brussels, just find your nearest Kruidvat.

Pros: the neutral pink, wearable colour that finishes any makeup, the colour intensity
Cons: sweet-plasticky smell, golden shimmer in the colour, lip-drying formula

Honestly, I do not see the reason behind all the hype around this lipstick, it is like your any other cheap lipstick...hence I would not repurchase it.

My nail polish collection

This was a spur of the moment idea for a post, so bear with me :-)
In my experience, the best varnishes are by Manhattan, Rimmel, Catrice, Essence, p2. The worst and totally not worth buying is HEMA, Claire's colour polishes, Dermacol.

Essence You Rock! lipstain

Lipstains and jumbo lip pencils have been on my radar for a couple of months now (who does not remember THAT Clinique commercial), but as I am not a lipstick/lipgloss person, I was waiting for cheaper options how to give these products a try. Enter Essence You Rock! lipstain in 01 Let me in rose, currently available in a limited edition (Kruidvat, cca 2 EUR).

Lipstains are perfect if you do not like to feel a layer of lipstick or lipgloss (with your hair constantly being caught in the gloss) but you still want to accentuate the colour of your lips and are looking for a long-lasting effect. It feels like you are applying a pen marker on your lips, if you asked me :-), but I do like the colour intensity and longevity of the product and how light it feels on the lips! I have not had any problem with my lips drying while using the lipstain, so that is good news! Definitely a new valuable addition to my office makeup kit :-).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Essence You Rock! eyeshadow base review

Essence has recently come up with the you rock! trend edition, which contains an eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow base, refreshing spray, a pocket brush, a lipstain, and 5 nail polishes (01 cut off the beige, 02 love, peace and purple, 03 kings of mints, 04 let me in pink and 05 speed of light blue). The idea is to contend your every need during the summer open air festival season :-).
It is the eyeshadow base that made it to my review (thanks, Zuzka!).
The base makes your eyeshadow long-lasting and it intensifies its colour. It costs 1,99 EUR, 2,1 ml/0.07 fl.oz.
It has a really light, almost airy composition, making it nicely blendable (almost without a trace) into your eyelid, leaving just a slight veil of golen shimmer. When I swatched it, I saw immediately what they meant with intensifying the colour, my Catrice CO3 spiced red just pop up beautifully! I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow base because it does its job really well in both field, longevity and colour enhancement and what is more, the price is fantastic!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wishlist - E.L.F. Eye transformer palette

Just like everyone else, I am a bit hesistant about products that look too good to be true (and they usually ARE rubbish), but I keep on hearing mostly good stuff about this little palette - Studio Line -  E.L.F. Eye Transformer palette, available at, 3,50 EUR.

You can use these eyeshadows on their own (boring) or you can apply them over any other eyeshadow to alter its appearance (hence the transformer) or you place them over a black eyeliner and see the magic in the making :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

P2 crack ling top coat 010 black explosion

It is my pleasure to report that P2 crack ling black top coat is equally effective as its silver and gold variants! At the price of 1,75 EUR, there is not much to think about...LOVE!
I applied it over one layer of Essence What do you think? nail varnish and I was really happy with the result.
And the other hand:
Here you can compare it with Claire's crackle nail polish, see how different the patterns are?

And the final picture is the confirmation of just how great P2 crack ling top coats are: