Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liz Taylor makeup

I love watching pixiwoo sisters, hope you will enjoy it too!

Claire's chip resistant nail polish

A short trip to Claire's resulted in me getting yet another nail polish - a sort of fluorescent yellow nail varnish. I had to apply two coats for it to look so so.
I applied a cracle nail polish over it, but I am not over the moon with the result, maybe I should have waited a bit longer for the base to dry. The morals of the story, dont buy this particular nail varnish!

Essence nail art express dry drops

Just a short note to anyone who does not own it: go and get it! for 1,99 EUR you get a quick dry finish (albeit with a slightly oily finish - the only downside):

Apply 1-2 drops to your freshly applied nail varnish and off you go!

Claire's cracle polish

A miracle happend today! After two fruitless trips to Kruidvat, I happened to be looking through Claire's accessories shop (there is one at Porte de Namur) and my friend found a little surprise for me! Give it up for Zuzka, who spotted the cracle nail polish - 4,50 EUR, 9 ml!

I bought two polishes, so I got a nail buffer for free, how good is that?
Immediately, I wanted to try it out, so I applied it over my red nail varnish - Manhattan - lotus effect, in 45P (BTW excellent long lasting nail polish). And I love the result!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A tip for an online shop

Having browsed the web like crazy over exciting news about NYC cosmetics in Kruidvat, I came across yet another super makeup website - ZOEVA. This shop is based in Germany and they deliver in Belgium within 1-3 working days (UPS, 5,50 EUR delivery). They also deliver to a number of other European countries, check here (incl. Slovakia and Czech republic).

(inkl. Inseln)
3,50 Euroca. ein bis drei Werktage*
Belgien, Luxemburg, Niederlande
5,50 Euroca. ein bis drei Werktage*
6,50 Euroca. zwei bis vier Werktage*
Italien, Frankreich, Dänemark, Tschechische Republik 7,50 Euroca. zwei bis vier Werktage*
Großbritannien, Finnland, Polen
11,00 Euroca. zwei bis vier Werktage*
Griechenland, Irland, Portugal, Spanien, Ungarn, Slowenien, Slowakei, Schweden
12,00 Euroca. drei bis fünf Werktage*

Fimo nail canes

Cuteness overkill! These things are impossibly adorable :-) I have not tried them myself so far, but once I do, you will be the first ones to know!
You can get these babies at eBay starting at 1 dollar but I know someone who can make their own (give it up for Miska :-)). In case you wonder what to do with these colourful sticks, click here.

NYC Cosmetics at Kruidvat Netherlands

Dear makeup lovers, it is official, this amazing low-cost American cosmetics brand (New York Colour cosmetics) is now (from March 2011) available at Kruidvat in the Netherlands! Soooo jealous! That is of course excellent news, I am a huge fan, but I can not wait for the Belgian Kruidvat to pick up this brand as well! And where is my long-awaited Essence nail art cracking top coat...:-(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to apply bronzer

And here is Tiffany explaining it all .-) Enjoy!

Essence nail design goodies

I got these at Kruidvat: nail stickers, nail glue pen (it leaked and dried up within 2 weeks), nail art stylist (definitely an excellent buy), glitter mix - 02 style it up!, and rosewood sticks - to push back cuticles and to clean the nails.

Bronzers - Essence Sun Club shimmer, Maybelline Terre Indienne

Being tanned used to be so popular that people were throwing themselves into sunbeds, effectively damaging their skin. No need for this when you have a bronzer in your makeup bag :-)
Choosing the correct shade is of extreme importance with bronzers, as any darker shade will make your face look dirty or shock and horror - yellow!

You can also use bronzers to contour your face or to warm up the neck or the cleavage. Place the bronzer where the sun would naturally hit - the cheekbones, chin and nose and blend well!

I am using Essence sun club all over shimmer for eyes, face and body (cca 5 EUR) for blondes (lighter skin), 8 g, in 01 ibiza sun (which I believe to be a dupe of Bobbi Brown shimmer brick) and Maybelline Terre Indienne poudre for teint clair (a little mirror included). I think this one costs around 10 EUR.

I really like both of them, but for different reasons. Essence one for its strong pigmentation, the smell and versatile use. Maybelline Terre Indienne blends perfectly into your skin, it was a lovely shimmery, glowy effect on your skin and it still manages to look very naturally. I will definitely repurchase these products!
Bottom swatch: Essence, top swatch: Maybelline

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Powder blushes

Today is all about cheeks! I blame the sunny weather for that :-). So, here blushes that I use, and consider that a huge collection, because up until recently I did not think I would ever even apply it on my face.
The two blushes on the left are both Maybelline: , the top one is expert wear in 53 sweetheart rose, the messy one on the bottom is affinitone in 57 peach. Now, I am not really happy with neither of them. Both colours are very sheer, with low pigmentation. In fact, you have to build 3-4 layers of no. 53 to even notice anything on your skin, hence the protruding hole...I dropped No. 57 accidently, and I have not been able to fix it properly with rubbing alcohol. I think I paid around 10 EUR for each of them, which is a lot, if they do not perform all that well...I will not repurchase them.

The right top blush is in fact an eyeshadow, by Réserve Naturelle, no. 9. I simply found it too red to be applied on my eyes and it was only 1 EUR :-) It has a certain chalkiness, so you have been warned.

My favourite blush is my recent addition: Catrice multi-colour rouge 010 Riviera rose. It not a flat colour as it contains certain shimmery particles and you can build it however your need, from light to darker. It was cheap, around 5 EUR, and I got it at Kruidvat.

Rae Morris, a makeup artist, recommends NOT to smile when you apply blush, and you can easily see why, just notice the difference where the blush ends up when you do!

If you hesitate which colour to buy, go bulk and buy a 28 blush palette and you will have them all :-)

My blush brushes

Now that we know how important blush is for our makeup :-), let's look at some blush brushes:
Top is is of course my beloved Sigma duo fibre brush, that has a wide range of usage, for powders or liquids. I prefer to use it for bronzers and blushes, it is super soft and it applies the product in thin, buildable layers.

Second from the top is the original blush brush by Sigma, again nice soft fibres. It's shape enables precise application.

Third brush is by HEMA, I already posted an article saying that some of HEMA brushes a bit harsh to your skin (as it is the case in this instance)...but hey, if you do not want to invest a lot, here is your pick!

The last and the smallest brush is my week-day morning favourite (Essence of beauty), fantastic for precise application and it was a complete bargain! (in a kit, via e-bay)


There are many things that Bobbi Brown taught me via her book, The Makeup Manual. Whether it is concealing my undereye circles or applying an eyeliner, Im telling you, that woman knows a thing or two about how to make women look "put together". So, another amazing thing she recommends is blush. I know! Blush, aka your stereotypical Russian matrioska look immediately emerges, at least in my head.

However, a right shade blush, applied in moderation, will make you look healthy and younger, both reasons good enough to look into it:-) And who does not want those perfect high cheekbones defined...

First of all, you need to choose a suitable colour for your undertone (cool for cool, warm for warm). If you struggle to decide which one you are, try to pick a shade most natural to your red cheeks when exercising.

Alongside your shade, you will have to decide which formula to use: powder, gel, cream, pot rouge, tints...Generally speaking, if you have dry skin, you balance the dryness with creamy consistency and if you have oily skin, you should go for powder.