Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Naked 3 palette

It is very likely that I am among the last people on the planet to fall under the spell of the Naked 3 palette, but let me tell you straight away, to me, it is the most beautiful of the three Naked palettes, with the lovely rose-gold shades that you can wear every day and never get bored of it. I love all three, but at the moment, my preferences are 3, 1, 2. What's yours ?;-)
I bought mine in Italy, Sephora, for some 50 EUR.

You get a nice double-ended brush and 4 samples of Urban Decay eyeshadow primers. And let the great Wayne do the talking:

Zoeva brushes

Zoeva is a German make-up brand that has been attracting the attention of all make-up junkies for some time due to its great quality and a relatively low price. And though admittedly, I have more than enough brushes, I still ordered 6 that I thought were missing in my collection to check them out for myself. Even Goss Wayne gushed about Zoeva, and I am willing to listen ;-).
The order was shipped the day after I made it, I paid 5,50 EUR shipment fees and the package was delivered by DHL within two days. The brushes were carefully packed in plastic bubble foil, plus each brush has its own individual casing. The quality of both the bristles and handles is truly fantastic. Had I not owned already too many brushes, I would be ordering more straight away! Here is the summary of my order:
105 Luxe Highlight 11.50 EUR
111 Flawless Cover 9.80 EUR
110 Face Shape 8.80 EUR
223 Petit Eye Blender 6.20 EUR
228 Crease 6.20 EUR
231 Petit Crease 6.20 EUR