Friday, March 18, 2011

Go 360 ° Clean - deep exfoliating scrub review

As much as I love putting makeup on, I have as much trouble taking it all off! So, I when I saw a commercial for go 360 °clean scrub in American InStyle magazine, I decided to give it a try.
And here is a shocker! It is normal scrub :-) However, the fancy scrublet will get your face as clean as it gets. I just love how the product mixes in with water to create foam :-)

It promises to exfoliate dull, dead skin cells and unclog pores, to remove all traces of oil, dirt and makeup...well, hopefully :-) While this may all be true, it also claims to make your pores small, and even I am not falling for that :-)

Having said that, this is my favourite scrub product, the smell is devine and the little sponge scrublet does make a difference in taking all the makeup off.

So, when you see it, for example, on a shopping trip in German (Joy magazine, April 2011), definitely buy it:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More crackle nail polishes

So, a quick google search will direct you to various options, say, on eBay you can buy Mia secret crackle polish or browse to my favourite Boozyshop for Crack Nail Art Lacquer, on offer in 7 amazing colours, 7,95 EUR per bottle. Moreover, there is Essence cracking top coat, Claire's cracking top coat...A wonderful China Glaze ad:

Eyeliner brushes

Once you see the difference the eyeliner makes, you will never go back to a simple eye makeup, or at least that is what happened to me :-). So here are my eyeliner brushes:
  1. Essence brush, it came together with gel eyeliner, a super little brush that I use a lot
  2. L'Oreal HIP, again it was packed together with the gel eyeliner, but definitely NOT my favourite brush.
  3. Yet another freebie, Maybelline brush that I highly recommend
  4. HEMA angled brush, perfect for eyeshadow eyeliner, I also use it to set my gel eyeliner
  5. Hm, a no name brush actually meant for nails, but it works also for eyeliners, not too well though
  6. Sigma eyeliner brush, it is pretty thick and if you have big eyes, it will be perfect for you
  7. Sigma angled eyeliner brush, a fantastic brush that I also frequently use
  8. AND THE WINNER IIIIIIIIIS: Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush, it makes applying the gel    eyeliner an absolute piece of cake :-) Good news, I saw bent eyeliner brushes at Inno Galeria!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Covergirl lashblastfusion mascara

Yet again I am running out of my favourite mascara (Maybelline volume express, 10ml), so I decided to unpack the one by Covergirl (available at Delhaize, cca 10 EUR). The colour is 860 very black, 13 ml and the brush looks promising! I shall duly report once I have tested it..:-)
UPDATE: I love this mascara! Normally, I have to wait a couple of weeks until my volume express mascara thickens a bit to achieved full eyelashes look (mine happend to be short, blond and straight, sigh), but this one (once I have applied 4-5 coats) turned out just the Holy Grail that I was looking for!

St. Patrick's nails

I found this video on YouTube and I am not saying this what I will do on Thursday, but I find it really relaxing to watch :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Essence nail art cracking top coat review

Oh yes, today is the day! Zuzka kindly lent me these top coats (bought in Aachen, DrogerieMarkt). The excellent news is that the base coat can be anything you already have at home, all you really need is the cracking top coat. (they cost 1,75 EUR!) Essence offers two of them, 01 crack me! black and 02 crack me! white (8 ml).
UPDATE 03. JULY 2011 - I applied a thick layer, as recommended and here are much better results:
p2 Color victim nail polish 010 glamour, Essence nail art cracking top coat 01 crack me! black
You need to apply a really thick layer of the cracking polish to achieve the result, I had a number of unsuccessful attempts before I got this lovely result.
However, the white crack polish does not seem to as effective:
Catrice 030 Meet Me At Coral Island, Essence nail art cracking top coat 02 crack me! white

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Avon cosmetics

Yet another almost forgotten brand (at least by me) is Avon. My teenage years were accompanied by Avon and Oriflame...ah, good old times when I believed that if I buy the product I am going to end up looking just like the lady in the picture :-). I have seen some raving reviews of Avon quad eyeshadows so my curiousity got the better of me and I just may order it :-). Feel free to check out their online catalogue and try to spot your long forgotten favourite (the brochure was kindly provided by my fellow beauty lover, Jana :-))!