Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coral/orange nail polishes

Essence I love Berlin 01 I love this city, Catrice 030 Meet Me At Coral Island, Essence 67 JUST SHOUT!, Essence 22 WHAT DO YOU THINK?
This is just a comparison to show how pink the Catrice Meet e at Coral Island is as opposed to JUST SHOUT!.

Essence multidimension 67 JUST SHOUT!


Catrice 030 Meet Met AT Coral Island


Lisa Eldridge - makeup artist

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist whom I discovered only recently, but I find her videos very useful, so I just wanted to share this :-) - Acne covering make-up and makeup removal.

Rival de loop Terra Powder in 01 natural sun

Rossmann, a drugstore in Germany, offers its own brand of cosmetics and skin care, Rival de loop. It is very low priced and it features many of the products that the "traditional" cosmetics houses (L'Oreal) neglect.
Enter the matte bronzing powder (the only other brand to have a matte bronzer is Catrice), 2,99 EUR, 9,5 g. The packaging looks cheap, but then, you can not expect a lot for 3 EUR. You do get a little mirror and a pouch, though.
The product is not extremely well pigmented, but I like to think of it as an advantage, if you like to build up the colour, because you could use this as a contouring powder. I dust it on my cheek bones to get that sun kissed look, because I never sunbathe and I always use SPF 50 on my face, so it is nice to get some colour :-). You get what you pay for in this case, but I am happy I got it (saves me time for finding a good contouring shade).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

p2 matte dream eyeshadows

You can never have enough of matte eyeshadows, or at least that is what I like to think :-). I bought these at DM (1,55 EUR each) in Aachen. If you are looking for matte eyeshadows in Belgium, try Catrice or Revlon.
It does not say on the packaging how much the products weights, strange. The colours are 070 grey pleasure, 060 lilac attraction, 030 grey style. I was pleasantly surprised about almost no fall-out and quite nice pigmentation, especially considering the low price.
The eyeshadow contain green tea extract and are indeed long-lasting. Definitely worth buying!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paula's Choice delivery AHA + BHA

Fighting blackheads and for that matter, any other kind of blemish, is a long-term battle. I have tried the self-adhesive strips (while they work nicely on me, they do not really address the problem, only its manifestation, ie blackheads) and also the blackhead eliminating scrubs, nothing has been particularly effective.
Now that I am a little bit wiser about how exfoliating works, thanks to a book by Paula Begoun, I ordered, not without hesitation, two products: 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid for all skin types and 8% AHA gel, both 118 ml and 21,50 EUR each. It was sent from Holland (6,95 EUR shipping), I ordered it on 12 June at, it was delivered on 16 June. The two products were placed inside of a carton box, protected by those little PVC pieces (lost for the right expression here). You also receive a leaflet with all products on offer and in addition the complete list of all ingredients.
I applied 2% BHA Liquid last night before I went to bed and it is not my intention to sound bombastic, but oh my Gosh, what a difference! (the liquid did take a long time to dry and it leaves a shiny film, but who cares when it is dark, ha ha). It absolutely healed and closed the two stubborn spots that were torturing me for the last week. I am yet to see if this solution works as an effective eliminator of the blackheads, but I am totally over-whelmed how my skin feels soft and yes, rejuvenated. Thumbs-up for the next order!

Before I made my purchase, though, I saw this video (a very positive and informative review). Guys, if you are having problems with razor bumps, definitely try this:

Makeup organizing tip 3

A recent trip to Germany (Aachen) brought me a handy makeup organizing tool. I bought it at Rossmann, 3,49 EUR. Since I was having a hard time stocking and quickly finding my lipsticks and eyepencils, I thought it would be perfect :-).