Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catrice cosmetics alert

I am starting to form a certain theory: the further away you get from Brussels, the better of choice of cosmetics you get. I mean, I went to Dinant today (gorgeous weather, super town) and of course I popped into the local Kruidvat.

Imagine my excitement when I found shelves and shelves fully stocked with Essence, Rimmel, Gosh and a relative newbie to me: Catrice cosmetics. Especially the last one made my eyes run with water: lash growth serum, black and brown gel eyeliners, bent eyeliner brush, amazing eyeshadow quads, excellent choice of matte eyeshadows, nail varnish in any hip variation (nude, urban) - everything beautifully packaged. In fact, their see-through, plasticky packiging is nothing short of sexy, I was grabbing everything left and right! And the biggest bonus of course is a budget-friendly price!

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