Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 010 The Seasons's Must Have

It is not easy to be standing in front of the Catrice cosmetics counter and to choose from the huge variety products on offer, you just completely crave for all of them, or at least I do. I was the same with this eye quad. It is a perfect balance between matte and shimmery colours, the rich plum, the steely silver, the minty green and the capuccino colours are simply stunning! They are silky smooth and easily applied over the eyelid in any combination imaginable. Here are my swatches:
The left side is swatched on a white base (Berange Paris)
Actually, trying to shoot a picture of the swatches, I realized that the strongest payoff comes from the top left plummy colour, it is also the the most reliable one for your crease. The second place, as far as pigmentation goes, is the bottom left capuccino colour. The rest you will find a bit difficult building up. Overall, it is a cute little quad, relatively cheap and I am sure, it will be fun in the summer months:-)

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