Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paula's Choice delivery AHA + BHA

Fighting blackheads and for that matter, any other kind of blemish, is a long-term battle. I have tried the self-adhesive strips (while they work nicely on me, they do not really address the problem, only its manifestation, ie blackheads) and also the blackhead eliminating scrubs, nothing has been particularly effective.
Now that I am a little bit wiser about how exfoliating works, thanks to a book by Paula Begoun, I ordered, not without hesitation, two products: 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid for all skin types and 8% AHA gel, both 118 ml and 21,50 EUR each. It was sent from Holland (6,95 EUR shipping), I ordered it on 12 June at, it was delivered on 16 June. The two products were placed inside of a carton box, protected by those little PVC pieces (lost for the right expression here). You also receive a leaflet with all products on offer and in addition the complete list of all ingredients.
I applied 2% BHA Liquid last night before I went to bed and it is not my intention to sound bombastic, but oh my Gosh, what a difference! (the liquid did take a long time to dry and it leaves a shiny film, but who cares when it is dark, ha ha). It absolutely healed and closed the two stubborn spots that were torturing me for the last week. I am yet to see if this solution works as an effective eliminator of the blackheads, but I am totally over-whelmed how my skin feels soft and yes, rejuvenated. Thumbs-up for the next order!

Before I made my purchase, though, I saw this video (a very positive and informative review). Guys, if you are having problems with razor bumps, definitely try this:

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