Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dior travel studio makeup palette review

If you ever wondered how these palettes end up looking after three years, I can provide a picture :-). I bought this lovely kit on board of a plane, for 50 EUR, coming back from a memorable Berlin visit. I have used and abused it, it has travelled with me back and forth wherever I was, it is such a perfect package of (mostly) what you need on the road.
It contains: 3,5 g 020 beige claire flawless and most extreme wear makeup (which I unknowingly used as a powder),  829 A touch of blush 4 g, 8 eyeshadows, a lipstick 377 rose tempo/vibrant pink, a mascara 090 noir, 3 ml, a mini crayon eyeliner in 090 noir, a mini crayon lipliner pencil in 513 linen, a mini crayon eyebrow pencil in 653 blonde, an eyebrow brush, a double-ended lip brush, a mini blush brush, a full-sized mirror.
I was not aware of any eyeshadow primers when I got it, so I kind of expected these expensive eyeshadows to have a lasting power, but I was wrong. There are your average better quality eyeshadows, which WILL crease without a primer. However, there colours are pretty unique and you can spot them or rather, not see them anymore in my used palette. The bottom most left eyeshadow was the most fantastic, iridescent, loveliest eyeshadow I ever owned, it had a light baby-blue colour with pink reflection particles...LOVED it.

However, all the brushes and pencils were good for nothing, the brushes are simply not fit up for the job and the pencils are of a shocking low quality (in effect they do not transfer onto the skin).

I liked the rosy colour lipcolour, the light pink one had a too bright colour that looked strange on my lips. The mascara was great and so is the blush (some serious pigment there). Overall, you win some, you lose some, but I would suggest building up your own travel kit, which will feature all of your favourite products that actually work for you.

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