Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner

"Base for an instantly refined, smooth and soft skin appearance. Makes pores and lines invisible."

So much for the promises. It will not make any lines or wrinkles disappear, but it will smoothen out your skin, giving it an incredibly pampered feeling. It costs 4,99 EUR for 14 g, at Kruidvat. I think they were aiming for a battle with L'Oreal's smoothing resurfacing primer (cca 16 EUR for 15 mil).

The product has a light pink colour and the skin soaks it up quickly without a trace - actually much faster than the L'Oreal primer, making it a perfect canvas for the makeup application. It will not stop the shine coming through, though, but I still it is a nice and effective primer.

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