Sunday, September 11, 2011

Essence ballerina backstage eye sufflé

Bought these in Wijnegem shopping center, Kruidvat, they were already putting it on sale (2,79 EUR each), as this edition is over...has it ever reached Brussels...These eye sufflés serve as either eyeshadows on their own or you can use to as a base. Especially the white one seems to have a huge following, I only tried it once so far, over a Hema eyeshadow base and it was indeed working wonders with the colour of the eyeshadow. If you see them, grab them!


  1. mozem potvrdit to biele uz mam 3 dni po sebe a je to feeest fajne, drzi a nerozmazava sa to, ale stale s Hema bazou samozrejme! thanx for the tip!

  2. Hi there, I just found your blog and I would like to ask you for advice. It seems you live in Brussels - well, I'm going there this Sunday and I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find make up stores there, some that might sell Inglot, Urban Decay, Sugarpill and similar products. I'm from Croatia and we don't have any of those here, and since I'm travelling, I might as well buy some make up I'd otherwise have to order on the internet. Thanks in advance!

  3. Dear Anna,
    unfortunately, most shops are closed on Sunday in Brussels so you will not able to buy cosmetics then. Furthermore, none of the ones you listed (Inglot, Urban Decay, Sugarpill) are on sales in Brussels so you will have to order them online. There is no Sephora in Belgium either...the nearest one is in France or the Netherlands...I shop for cosmetics in Germany, and that is in fact why I started to blog about things...I am sorry to give you such a negative answer, but that is how things are at the moment. Happy Internet shopping, though! :-)