Thursday, September 1, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye pencils in Milk and Cottage cheese

Dairy products never sounded more delicious! NYX Milk jumbo eyepencil has a fervent admiration bordering on madness all thought the beauty blogosphere, so I just NEEDED to get one of my own, and you know what, millions of people are RIGHT. It is a very soft, matte, easily blendable base for your eyeshadows and if you apply it moderately, it will not crease (provided that you use an eyeshadow base). Do believe the hype in this case, it can be yours for 3,59 EUR at Boozyshop. As for Cottage cheese, I have had it for a while, did not like it at first, but then I learned to to work it well into the eye lid and it does work wonders with metallic eyeshadows. However, this will crease also with a base, so I am not that crazy about it. Nothing wrong with MILK, though! :-)

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