Monday, October 24, 2011

Essence I love stage - eyeshadow base

The one thing you should have in your makeup collection is an eyeshadow base. 2,49 EUR, Kruidvat, 4 ml or 0.13 fl. oz. Essence says that it can either be used as a base for concealer or eyeshadow. the creamy texture won’t settle in the crease of your eyelid - it makes every eyeshadow last longer and intensifies the color. I tested it when I went biking, it kept the eyeshadows beautifully and guess what, it also survived the ultimate test, an all day office wear.
The reason I bought this base is its light beige colour, as my favourite HEMA eyeshadow base leaves a slightly white shimmery trace (great for shimmery eye looks). This base is fantastic as it actually helps conceal any discoloration in your eye lids. Worth snapping up!


  1. I have this too, but it does start to crease noticeably at the end of my office day - the Hema one holds up all day + night! Ah well, you can't have it all, and at this price... Good to hear it works well for someone else then! :)

  2. Hi Nassia, fair enough, I will keep on testing it further, so far it did not fail me, but one thing is for sure, HEMA base rulez! :-)