Monday, December 5, 2011

Kruidvat deal of the week

The offer is valid from 6. 12. to 12. 12. I am so getting Healhy Mix foundation and something else :)


  1. Oh my God! I saw a 20% off sale on the line at di today, and I was going to rave about it on my blog. Luckily I saw this because otherwise I'd be making a total fool of myself! The di deal runs till the 31st of December though, just so you know. I was thinking about getting Healthy Mix too!

    PS: I've been following your blog for a while. I used to live in Brussels till 4 months ago, and now I'm some 26 kilometers away from it :) It's hard to be a beauty addict in this country no? :)

  2. Hiya MostlySunny :)
    I got my healthy mix foundation and also an eyeliner, will be posting that shortly :) It is a super deal and I am very glad that they had it as I could not find Bourjois anywhere in Germany. It is certainly a challenge when you watch so many British/American beauty gurus rave about things we can get only with difficulties...
    I am looking forward to Wet and Wild Comfort Zone palette, that I should get in January :)

  3. Hey hey!

    So how does Healthy Mix work for you? I went to Kruidvat to try it on yesterday. I adore the finish, and it gives me a very nice airbrushed effect with no "mask" feeling. However, my face also became oily within about 4 hours, so I'm still toying with the idea of purchasing it.

    I actually managed to lay my hands on Comfort Zone during a recent trip to the US. If you're interested in my swatches and review here's the link:

    Keep me posted on how the foundation works for you!