Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spotted at Inno - Revlon colourburst lip butters

10,50 euro. They feel heavenly on the lips...


  1. Hi there fellow Bruxelloise. I got 2 of the Revlons lip butters and I gotta say that Im not super impressed. Theyre nice,myes, but nothing amazing..sometimes I feel like the girls in the US just have different products with different formulas...not sure if its possible, but why else theyd rave about those lip butters? Then again, you say you like them, so I guess its personal.
    Thanks for your review and please check out my blog

  2. Hi :) First of all I like your reviews :)And then .. Can I ask you something? I will be in Brussels for 2 days and I'd like to stock up products like Revlon etc. that we don't have here in Hungary. Could you recommend me drugstores or shops to buy beauty/makeup products? (I am not sure whether you can buy Revlon "all over" Brussels). Thank you very much :)

    1. Hello Nanette,
      I am probably too late with the answer, sorry about that. Revlon is only available at Inno
      and two major drugstores are Di and Kruidvat, you will be luckier with finding Di around Brussels.
      Hope this help

  3. Jij bent mijn held, vroeg me al af of ik de lip butters ergens in België kon kopen! x