Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maybelline colour tattoos

Just my collection, by now there are millions of raving reviews, you see one, get one ;-) In Germany they cost cca 7 Euro. Here it is 9 Euro, I believe.


  1. I was looking at them the other day at Di, but didnt decide to get one. None of the colors seems outstanding enough I guess. Do you think theyre worth it?some people on youtube rave about them but im not convinced just yet;)

  2. Hello Barb!
    I would suggest you buy just one, and my choice is the 40-permanent taupe, a perfect matte cool brown shade. I always apply an eyeshadow basis, even though they are supposed to last - I have a very oily skin. On top of that, I put eyeshadows, it makes any colour stand out better.
    Hope this helps :-)