Monday, March 14, 2011

Essence nail art cracking top coat review

Oh yes, today is the day! Zuzka kindly lent me these top coats (bought in Aachen, DrogerieMarkt). The excellent news is that the base coat can be anything you already have at home, all you really need is the cracking top coat. (they cost 1,75 EUR!) Essence offers two of them, 01 crack me! black and 02 crack me! white (8 ml).
UPDATE 03. JULY 2011 - I applied a thick layer, as recommended and here are much better results:
p2 Color victim nail polish 010 glamour, Essence nail art cracking top coat 01 crack me! black
You need to apply a really thick layer of the cracking polish to achieve the result, I had a number of unsuccessful attempts before I got this lovely result.
However, the white crack polish does not seem to as effective:
Catrice 030 Meet Me At Coral Island, Essence nail art cracking top coat 02 crack me! white


  1. I too have the white topcoat, agree doesn't work too well. Maybe I will try to black one... I love the cracking effect :-)

  2. Hi there!
    Well, after some weeks of testing Claire's crackle nail polish (Essence was unfortunately only borrowed), I have to say that I like P2 ones a bit more, they crackle more dramatically and even if you apply a really thick layer. I do regret not buying a black one by P2, so if they sell them in Switzerland, go for it :-}. I saw it on some other blogs and it was amazing!

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind words! ♥
    I will definately stop by Claires when I am next in town ;-)

  4. I proved Essence cracking top coat and it work well. You can prove to put a fat coat of this cracking top coat. If you want to see the result on my blog the link is