Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love your feet

It is official, it is summer time in Belgium (never mind the calendar)! With people daring to bare more, you should also think about your feet and the state they are in. There are many ways how to tackle this (you could always wear boots, as I so often - shockingly - observe during the summer months) or you can get down to the base of it, scrub your feet and make them presentable for those cute sandals.

As with everything, you are only as good as your tools, so prepare a little arsenal for this (or if you like, hit a pedicure salon for fish pedicure). You will need: a basin, hot water with sea salt, a towel, nail clippers, a foot file, a scrub, moisturizing cream, nail varnish remover, cotton pads, nail filer and a favourite nail varnish. (told you...)

I like to soak my feet into a basin with quite hot water and sea salt to soften the hard skin. I also find that trimming the nails is easier after a bath, same goes for removing nail varnish. Make sure your tools are clean and disinfected.

Then I scrub off all hard skin and take my time with it too! Push back the cuticles and apply nail varnish. When it dries, apply a good moisturizer. And you are ready to hit the streets!

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