Friday, April 8, 2011

P2 crack ling top coat review

Some things in life never cease to amaze me, like, for example shopping trips to Germany. For many months, I have been dreaming about crackling nail polish and then, a single trip to Aachen answers all my beauty dreams: golden and silver crackling top coats: (they also sell a black one, all are 11 ml)

020 silver blast and 030 golden rush, both p2 cosmetics
Initially, I was sceptical: I mean how good can it be, golden and silver, I simply could not twist my brain around it. Then, my sister put on Essence multi dimention xxxlshine nail polish in 76 cool and the gang (8 ml) and the miracle happened:
Essence multi dimension 76 cool and the gang, p2 020  silver blast top coat crack ling
Ladies: this nail polish DOES crackle BIG TIME and within SECONDS. I was really happy with Claire's crackle nail polish, but this one really surpassed all of my expectations! It lasts for days and trust me, you will not regret buying this nail polish! Don't be afraid of putting a really thick layer on, it will still crackle like crazy!

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