Saturday, April 9, 2011

P2 crack ling top coat / Claire's crackle pictures

Once you get a hold of these cute top coats, you will want to explore ALL of your options:

From the left:Manhattan lotus effect 45P, Essence 020 I'm a Berliner, Essence 02 Copper rulez, Essence 002 stamp me! black, Essence 76 Cool and the gang

From the left: Essence 01 I love this city, Manhattan 11A, Catrice 490 Iron Mermaiden, Essence What do you think?, Dermacol 1
Black and golden top coats...beautiful! The golden colour really stands out on a darker base coat.

Can you say CRACKLE?

Soft pastel colours with a silver top coat, equally beautiful, albeit to a different effect.

Sorry for the messy bit, I was just too excited :-)


  1. Where do you get the gold p2 crackle polish? I absolutely love the effect here!

  2. Hi Allie,
    I bought it in Aachen, Germany, DrogerieMarkt DM - that seems to be the closest place for getting them if you live in Brussels. They are very cheap, somethinig like 1,75 EUR but I find that for crackle effect they work the best! Im blad you like it! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tip. I was really hoping to find something similar in Brussels, but Aachen's not too far, so that's good.:-)

  4. You are welcome. You could try Planet Parfum, they are selling OPI shatter nail polish (only black at the moment), but that is about 15 EUR and the crackle effect is not that "dramatic" as with this cheap one. Possibly, Kruidvat might already have Essence crackle nail polishes in white and black, but they just did not work for me at all...

  5. I have seen the OPI black shatter polish, but it's quite expensive. And you're right, p2 seems to have the best effect.