Sunday, May 29, 2011

L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh lipgloss 600 Aqua curacao

L'Oreal lauched a fantastic new range of lipglosses enriched with vitamins C and E, there are 7 available shades. Yummy names indicate their colouring: aqau watermelon, aqua pomegranate, aqua grapefruits, aqua curacao, aqua lychee, aqua madarin, aqua lemon tonic. I inevitably chose the blue one, as I was not impressed with 2true fresh breath lip gloss. I would have picked up more shades, had they not cost a hefty 10,99 EUR (6ml) at Kruidvat...

The lipgloss has a standard, pleasant smell, typical of L'Oreal lipglosses (plus now a well-established and instantly recognizable heart-shaped applicator), and it is not sticky at all (due to a gel-like consistency). Your lips become a shade cooler, due to the blue tone of the lipgloss, but it is not a dramatic effect, so do not worry (it has almost a transparant, sheer finish). I so want to try all the unusual shades, such as yellow and orange...I say yes to them all :-)

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