Saturday, June 4, 2011

Neutrogena Visibly clear SOS cleansing cure

This products promises a visibly clearer skin just in 7 days, presumably removing your blackheads in three different ways: as a cleaning gel, as peeling or as a mask.

as a washing gel, it cleanses the pores without drying the skin and prevents blackheads
as peeling, it removes excess skin cells, prevents pore clogging and helps to eliminate existing blackheads
acts as a mask deep into the skin to remove impurities and mattify the skin
Now that I have read (see previous post on Paula Begoun) so much about how blackheads are created and that it is virtually impossible to get rid of them thoroughly, I at least do not have unrealistic expectations as to what this can do for my skin.
It contains salicylic acid, so I am doing some exfoliation here :-). Texture is grainy and rather harsh to the skin, so unless you have a thick oily complexion, don't even consider it. I am, however, happy how it removes my makeup (and Revlon's ColourStay is famously difficult to take off...).

I bought this in Aachen a while ago, I think it was 6 EUR.

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