Saturday, July 23, 2011

Products I regret buying II

Nine products in total that failed to persuade me of their quality, though I might be actually having second thoughts about one of them.
L'Oreal renewal lash serum - a complete waste of time and money, it did absolutely nothing for my lashes and it was not cheap either
2b aqua confort eyeliner - its handle makes the application really difficult, at least for me and the product does not last on the eyes
2true lipgloss - so sticky that it will put you off from wearing it
Essence sun club bronzer - incredibly shimmery, high on RED pigmentation, a no-no for face makeup
HEMA eyeshadow brush - imprecise in its application
HEMA lipstick - crumbles and feels horrible on my lips, dehydrating them
2b lipstick - even worse than HEMA, cheap and awful
Gosh cover me up makeup mousse - no coverage, really yellow in colour and it smears off your face like crazy, money down the drain, it cost 20 EUR
NYX eyeshadow base - this is my bad, I thought I could use it as a primer (it creases within a couple of hours on my oily eyelids), I only did my research recently, I am going to give it another try, this time with a primer underneath to see how it affects my eyeshadows

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