Thursday, July 21, 2011

Products I regret buying

Today's post will feature products that Jana regrets buying, products that did not live up to their promises, products that failed to do their jobs. The reasons can vary why people regret buying things, so read on.
Essence shimmer powder - a weak pay-off
No 7 Colour calming makeup base - leaves your face GREEN and is difficult to blend
Rival de loop lipstick - almost no colour pay-off and dries the lips
The Body Shop lipstick - nothing wrong with the texture or pigmentation, just the colour is not suitable for Jana
p2 Golden eyepecil - you actually stand a good change of hurting yourself with this pencil, the colour just does not transfer onto the eyelid no matter how hard you try
Maybelline Fit me bronzer - absolutely zero pigmentation, it is virtually impossible to apply

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