Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eylure eyelashes

I fell in love with false eyelashes as soon as I discovered that all you need is one pair that fits your eye perfectly (think real hair) and a super glue...both of which I found with Eylure...absolutely recommend this, I have been doing my homework and it seems that Eylure lash glue is one of the great ones . Everything is available at Di, the eyelashes cost cca 8 EUR per pair and the special applicator was 5 EUR.


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for about a month now and I have really enjoyed it :)But only now have I actually joined this site via Google friend finder,and am officially following you:) I am from Serbia,and will be visiting my cousin in Antwerp next month where I also will be celebrating the NY's Eve.I think we will also go to Brussels.But the thing is,I will be there from Dec 22, and Christmas is on the 25th,so I want to ask you,when do the stores start opening and closing,before and after Christmas?Do they work between Christmas and New Year's Eve? I would like to do some shopping,and I really need to plan this well...Please help with this information if you can!:) Thanks,

    -Tasha. xx

  2. Hello Tasha,
    chvala! :-) I am happy to help. The shops are closed on 25. 12. and 1. 1. (apart from some small corner shops with food) The typical opening hours are 10.00-18.00 and all shops are normally closed on Sundays (the only town I know of where they open shops on Sunday is Oostende) Antwerp is excellent for shopping! The shops are open in betwwn Christmas and New Year. If you go for cosmetics, then look out for Di and Kruidvat for drugstore, Ici Paris, Planet Parfum, M.A.C (both in Antwerp and Wijnegem shopping centre), Bobbi Brown at Cosmeticary (both Anwerp and Brussels) Let me know if you need more info and enjoy your stay, Im sure it will be great! :-) B.