Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eylure lash glue and lashes

Addiction alert! Eylure lash glue (black, 6 ml, 6 EUR) is great, dries in seconds after you put it on and it is very reliable, I can only recommend it! And I got more lashes (a super tiny bottle of glue included)..:-))) Di and Kruidvat, at the latter one, they were on sale - well spotted, Zuzka! - for 3,50 I had to buy them immediately :-) You can also buy Eylure eyelashes at Claire's at Porte de Namur. They are usually anything around 8 EUR per pair. There is one thing I am not too keen on - I understand it is for my own good that everything is wrapped in extra layers of protective duck tape, but it is REALLY hard to peel off...I wish someone would devise something better in this regard!

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