Friday, January 27, 2012

Miss Eylure lashes

And yet another London goodie, I almost forgot! Two pairs of lashes and some extras, all at 5 pounds!


  1. Hi! How do these pre-glued lashes work? Ițm very curious :P

    1. Hiya Andreea,
      well, they dont! You still need a good eyelash glue, I really like the one that usually comes with Eylure lashes, it is very strong and that is what you need with lashes, I always put a layer of glue on the pre-glued bit, I simply dont trust that it would last and I hate looking odd with a bit of lash sticking out :-)

    2. Just as I thought! Another marketing stunt. I already have a pair of the normal ones, and have tried them with the glue that comes with them. I find it OK once you figure out the best way to apply it.