Friday, February 18, 2011


Living in a city of Brussels also means the occasional smog alert so you need to clean your skin every night really thoroughly. If you have big open pores, they will clog twice as fast as anywhere else, leaving you with nasty blackheads (I just love the Dutch word for it, Een mee-eter). Here's my favourite T-zone product to the rescue (it costs under 6 EUR in Delhaize):

It contains two different sets of purifying strips (4 x nose strip, 2 x 2 chin and forehead strips), one is for the forhead and chin, the other for the nose. The strips are applied on clean, thoroughly wet face, then you wait for 10-15 minutes until the strip is entirely dry and you are ready to GENTLY peel it off. What happens next is fascinating, or at least to me it is, some people think it is disgusting :-}. Ideally, the contents of your pores will have stuck to the strip - let's just leave it there, the skin will be purified!

It is a good idea to wash your face again and apply a light moisturizing cream to calm the skin down, because the chances are that it will be red and irritated. The active ingredient is citric acid, so I would not recommend this product to anyone with a really sensitive or dry complexion. It works wonders on my oily skin, though.


  1. Hi,
    I've been looking around for these strips at Delhaize but can't seem to find them. Could you please tell from which Delhaize did you find them in? Thanks :D!

  2. Hello Drumroadster,
    last time I bought them at Delhaize in Dilbeek, but I am sure you can get it in any larger Delhaize, say at Woluwe St. Lambert or Merode. They are also available at every Di store and Kruidvat.
    Hope this helps!