Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bronzers - Essence Sun Club shimmer, Maybelline Terre Indienne

Being tanned used to be so popular that people were throwing themselves into sunbeds, effectively damaging their skin. No need for this when you have a bronzer in your makeup bag :-)
Choosing the correct shade is of extreme importance with bronzers, as any darker shade will make your face look dirty or shock and horror - yellow!

You can also use bronzers to contour your face or to warm up the neck or the cleavage. Place the bronzer where the sun would naturally hit - the cheekbones, chin and nose and blend well!

I am using Essence sun club all over shimmer for eyes, face and body (cca 5 EUR) for blondes (lighter skin), 8 g, in 01 ibiza sun (which I believe to be a dupe of Bobbi Brown shimmer brick) and Maybelline Terre Indienne poudre for teint clair (a little mirror included). I think this one costs around 10 EUR.

I really like both of them, but for different reasons. Essence one for its strong pigmentation, the smell and versatile use. Maybelline Terre Indienne blends perfectly into your skin, it was a lovely shimmery, glowy effect on your skin and it still manages to look very naturally. I will definitely repurchase these products!
Bottom swatch: Essence, top swatch: Maybelline

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