Sunday, March 20, 2011

My blush brushes

Now that we know how important blush is for our makeup :-), let's look at some blush brushes:
Top is is of course my beloved Sigma duo fibre brush, that has a wide range of usage, for powders or liquids. I prefer to use it for bronzers and blushes, it is super soft and it applies the product in thin, buildable layers.

Second from the top is the original blush brush by Sigma, again nice soft fibres. It's shape enables precise application.

Third brush is by HEMA, I already posted an article saying that some of HEMA brushes a bit harsh to your skin (as it is the case in this instance)...but hey, if you do not want to invest a lot, here is your pick!

The last and the smallest brush is my week-day morning favourite (Essence of beauty), fantastic for precise application and it was a complete bargain! (in a kit, via e-bay)

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