Sunday, March 20, 2011

Powder blushes

Today is all about cheeks! I blame the sunny weather for that :-). So, here blushes that I use, and consider that a huge collection, because up until recently I did not think I would ever even apply it on my face.
The two blushes on the left are both Maybelline: , the top one is expert wear in 53 sweetheart rose, the messy one on the bottom is affinitone in 57 peach. Now, I am not really happy with neither of them. Both colours are very sheer, with low pigmentation. In fact, you have to build 3-4 layers of no. 53 to even notice anything on your skin, hence the protruding hole...I dropped No. 57 accidently, and I have not been able to fix it properly with rubbing alcohol. I think I paid around 10 EUR for each of them, which is a lot, if they do not perform all that well...I will not repurchase them.

The right top blush is in fact an eyeshadow, by Réserve Naturelle, no. 9. I simply found it too red to be applied on my eyes and it was only 1 EUR :-) It has a certain chalkiness, so you have been warned.

My favourite blush is my recent addition: Catrice multi-colour rouge 010 Riviera rose. It not a flat colour as it contains certain shimmery particles and you can build it however your need, from light to darker. It was cheap, around 5 EUR, and I got it at Kruidvat.

Rae Morris, a makeup artist, recommends NOT to smile when you apply blush, and you can easily see why, just notice the difference where the blush ends up when you do!

If you hesitate which colour to buy, go bulk and buy a 28 blush palette and you will have them all :-)

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