Monday, April 25, 2011

Essence smokey eyes brush

It is not like I needed another brush, but I just wanted to see how good it is :)...and it was not expensive, 2,49 EUR (Kruidvat). I was hoping I could use it as a pencil brush and for the crease, as I had only two so far.
On the plus side, it does not have an overt cheapo feel. However, the synthetic bristles are not too dense and definitely not stiff, making it a soft - almost a blending - brush...if you have a lot of lid space, you could equally use it for your crease. I like to use it a smudging brush for the upper and lower eyeliner. As it is definited as a smokey eyes brush, the application is not precise, but it is alright for blending and smudging. As for the crease, I definitely prefer my Sigma pencil brush and T.LeClerc no 9.  Overall, I see this brush as a back-up, not essential, but nice to have, you know, just in case. :)

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