Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miss Sporty nail expert - nutri complex

My nails are stubborn, refusing to grow. While this can have a number of reasons which I do not want to speculate about right now, let me show you my latest attempt to put things right - Miss Sporty nail expert nutri complex with vitamin E and calcium (DrogerieMarkt DM, 2,50 EUR).
It is a duo-phase nail care varnish, you need to shake it well before you apply it. Originally, I thought it would simply soak into the nails, leaving them oily, but I was wrong! It dries as a "normal" nail varnish, but with a soft sheen. I tried to use it as a base, but the top coat never dried (or maybe I was impatient...). I will continue using it and if it helps, I will let you know :)

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