Sunday, April 10, 2011

P2 makeup fixing spray Perfect face!

With long and hot days in front of us (wishful thinking), it is good to have a makeup fixing spray at hand. No red carpet event goes without this little helper, as it enhances your makeup longevity, keeps it in place and gives you a matte finish (with silk protein, alcohol free).

Makeup fixing spray, 30 ml
I like to apply it just before I finish my makeup with a mascara, as it otherwise tends to leave black smudges underneath my eyes. I hear this product was tested at a recent birthday party and it passed with distinction! .-). P2 cosmetics is my recent addiction, as they offer a really wide variety of UNCOMMON (crackling top coats, lip primers, face primers, eyeshadow bases, overnight hand care hear me, L'Oreal!) makeup products at a fantastic price. I bought mine in Aachen, Germany.

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