Monday, June 13, 2011

NYC at Kruidvat Belgium

Ladies, it has finally happened, they are starting to place NYC cosmetics into our own, Belgian branches of Kruidvat (probably not all, so we have to find out ourselves). To promote the brand, they launched this commercial:

I have plenty of makeup purchases I hate, no hesitation about exchanging any of those...:-) You do need to download a "bon" from their website, and off you go to the shop. The offer is valid from today, 13. 6. until Sunday, 19.06. Hurry up!

If you struggle as to which product to choose, here is my favourite makeup guru, Emily Noel, spelling it out for us all :-).

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  1. I love Emily Noel videos. I love how she doesn't trash low-cost brands, even though she also uses higher-end products.