Saturday, February 4, 2012

Garnier BB Cream

So despite the popular belief, the BB creams, or beauty balms, blemish balms etc are not the second coming :-). Here I would like to give my two cents on Garnier's BB cream in light, 50 ml, 10 EUR, Kruidvat. I bought it on a hype, hoping it would be the miracle product (I will never stop trying :-)). The problem for me with this product is how shiny and oily it makes my skin look. It blends nicely into the skin, I tried using it as a sort of a primer, before I put my makeup on, but it peeps though any foundation and powder. Using it on its own is only for those who dare to bare it all, as the coverage is really light. I dont think I will repurchase it, yet, I do not hate it, the smell is nice and I am sure I will use it more in the summer as a tinted moisturizer.
And my favourite man, Wayne Goss on BB creams.

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