Monday, January 30, 2012

Barry M Lip paints in 147 abd 153

Having heard a ton of good stuff about Barry M lip paints (£4.49, Superdrug, London) I went for two shades in 147 (peachy pink) and 153 (pink ribbon). Supposedly, they have a very creamy texture and excellent pigmentation. I can confirm the pigmentation part, but am I the only person to actually not like these lip sticks? I found them way too drying, they do not apply evenly onto the lips, settling into the creases of the lips. I would not recommend buying them, maybe it is just these two shades?
I love Revlon ColourStay lipsticks, almost unbeatable in how they feel on the lips, with the absolute winner for me being Clinique and their lipsticks and lipglosses.

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