Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catrice gel eyeliner 010 Black Jack with Jack Black review

Ever since I fell in love with gel eyeliners, I am always looking for a new one that I could test and see how to measures up again my current favourite - Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner.
And oh boy, did I find one...This lovely packaged eyeliner costs 3,99 EUR, 4 g, 0.14oz. 010 Black Jack with Jack Black. Purchased at Kruidvat (Dinant).

The colour is highly pigmented and the consistency of the product is...well liquidy gel, that is the best that I can describe it. Once you apply it, it dries up on your eyelid and DOES NOT move, budge, smudge ALL DAY LONG. I was very impressed first time I tried it (admittingly, my expectation were not too high) but I am a convert after I have tested it for days at work and in the evening.

What I love about this gel eyeliner in particular (apart from the perfect design and low price) is the fact that it stays where you place it, it does not smudge onto the lid, effectively ruining your makeup. To prevent that from happening with a Maybelline gel eyeliner, I put black eyeshadow over the eyeliner to settle it (this happens because I put it in a thick line, that is how I like it).

Hence, I highly recommend this product, if you see it - grab it, love it, wear it! Maybelling lasting drama costs up to 15 EUR in Belgium depending on where you buy it (Inno Galeria definitely the most expensive option) - in Aachen it costs 9 !! EUR...and they have a brown and blue variety. Life is not fair :-)


  1. I bought this eyeliner today based on your review and I absolutely love it! It stays put without moving :-) Plus it's such a great price, I wish they had more colours....
    I really like your blog :-) I would love if you could stop by.

  2. Hello onespeckofsand!
    I am really glad you like this eyeliner as much as I do! It was such a great surprise to discover how super it actually is, esp. if you take into consideration its price! And thank you for liking my blog, it makes me happy :-) I like yours as well, without proper skincare, any makeup is useless. I have a sun alergy, so protection is of extreme importance to me. I will follow your blog too! :-)

  3. Hi!!.. I am new to brussels and I found your blog this morning !. I cant tell you how happyyy I am!!!

    Could you please tell me where I can find Catrice cosmetics in brussles??.......Thanks you!!!! :)

  4. Hello and welcome!
    You can only get Catrice at Kruidvat, there is one at Porte de Namur (easy to get to by metro)or in Woluwe St. Lambert (better to take a car). Let me know if you have other questions, happy to help,